Swami Desika - The acharya with limitless Karunya and Gantavathara (Thirumala Tirupathi Bell) had done wonderful and monumental works - granthas, natakas and storthras on Sriman Narayana, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Goddess Sri Lakshmi, Andal, Garuda, Saranagathi. It is indeed a boon to listen and utter these slokas.

Often one gets confused which is sweeter - either the meter and words of sloka or the meaning of each sloka. The beautiful words mean many different qualities of Sriman Narayana (based on this we can conclude that words are superior) and another viewpoint is that the meanings/qualities (Kalyana gunas) of the subject.

It is great boon to be a Sri Vaishnava and having a great privilege to hear/listen to our purvacharyas.

The list of my recordings of various slokas for Swami Vedanta Desika which I learned from my father/guru Sri U Ve Padur P K Narasimhan. Whenever he gets time and access to technology, he records and post in YouTube

May Swami Desika's and Acharya's Anugraham be on us so that we swim to the feet of Sri Nrusimha

Narayana is the only one who does not commit any mistake and whatever He does becomes "Dharma". It is my endeavor to try to recite without mistakes but I failed numerous times. I realized that "the bhakti" is very important than words (and I beg your pardon for any wrong pronunciations which my father keeps correcting me whenever I recite)


Ramesh said...

Wonderful Lakshmi, really admire on you the way you lead your life. Best wishes

Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan said...


I do not have any qualities that anyone can admire off which I brought on my own. Fortune enough to utter HIS name and move with great human beings.