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It has been a wonderful journey @ OpenGyan and i hope i continue to invest more time in OpenGyan. While we took a lot of workshops with hands-on and to be honest with you i have to say that the students are not able to keep up with the pace of learning because of constant distraction and i afraid they end up racing to the bottom.

By racing to the bottom, I mean they will have to end up as an average student - try to get placed in a company and do a mundane work. If you want to be a creative software engineer, either it is you or me, we do not have any other option other than traveling the hard path of continuous learning and mentoring.

How can you race to the top? BTW, I still believe there isn't any race when you are top. There are enough number seats for top class students who are going to be creative and to want to create great software. She will be a fast learner and use any programming language for that matter to solve a problem or even she may write her own programming language to make a solution simpler.

However doing such feat requires utmost dedication, inspiration, and commitment. If you think, you have such ingredients and if you are a go-getter, I would like to work with you and mentor you. Apart from the above-mentioned qualities, if you add mentoring, I am pretty sure that you will in the top league. BTW, please keep in mind that I do not give any guarantee and I also do not take any credits. If you have reasonable aptitude and reasoning, I can assure that you get skills/expertise equivalent to work experience for the duration you spend with me (if you devote time).

  1. Should be in the second or third year of Engineering or any degree related to computer science, information technology so that there is ample time
  2. Since your time and my time is valuable, I would like to do a screening before we take up. Maybe a short interview over the phone and/or messenger (online chat).
  3. Important Ingredients: Interested, serious, committed students who value their time and others' time as well
  4. At this point in time, I prefer the students who are based out of Chennai or at least who can come to Chennai once in two weeks (Sundays)
Interesting Problems that can be explored

Problems/areas that give solid understanding of user space in Linux
  1. How malloc works
  2. Writing wrappers around "malloc" group of functions to understand how it works by experimentation
  3. Playing with Proc
  4. Writing your own shell
  5. More to be added
  6. Build Services for Cloud
  7. Learn technologies related to Cloud (that are hot now)

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