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Books Corner

Books are the best investment options - a wonderful friend, a well wisher and a great coach
This page contains various books that i read and planning to read in near future. Recently i adopted a policy of reading a book twice - first to read it faster in a matter of week to understand the content and second over a period of few weeks taking notes with reading related materials. If I find it very informative or path breaking, i write my views on the content, my reading experience and how i can put the things to practice to get most out of my investment (time).

My posts are often condensed form than my hand written notes. I think many subjects are of interest to people around us. If you want lend a book from me for a quick read(at your own cost), please do let me know. But I m pretty sure that these books should find a place in everyone's library. You can skim through my posts to know why i am recommending these books.

Book Review:
If you want to know more about the books, click the link (!!! Posts !!!) under each book. These posts provides overview of the book, my notes that covers the book little deeper, reflections and my recommendations.