In brief, (aspiring to be a passionate) techie, student, teacher, blogger, runner, human being and a thinker too. Still briefly, a lifelong student and "Work In Progress".

Ceasing to learn is ceasing to breathe - Anonymous.

I would like to follow the footsteps of my father who is a teacher (Sri P K Narasimhan and he runs a Channel in YouTube on various Sthorams), even today he gets excited to teach to a primary school kid or teaching spiritual leaders on Bhagavad Gita and his life deeply inspired me. When I find the time, I do take multiple split personalities of being a teacher to students and being a student to students and learn from them. I do give guest lectures and technology talks on areas that are little known to me. I love being a teacher not only to teach but also to learn.

Want to be a lifelong student and share my knowledge with others. When I find the time, I scribble a lot on my blog to express my thoughts and get my views validated.

OpenGyan - I do guest lectures and free workshops to students on technology and programming under the banner of OpenGyan.

Conferences/Workshops Presented:
  1. Presented a technology talk on "Network Monitoring using SNORT" in Linux Asia 2006, an International Conference and Exposition on Open Source Software.
  2. Presented a paper on "Detecting and Preventing Software Vulnerabilities by Analysis" in STEP Auto 2007, an International Conference of Software Testing, Process and Automation.
  3. Presented a paper on "Securing Web Applications - Passion, Art and Character" in STEP Auto, an International Conference on Software Testing.
  4. Presented a technology talk on "Extending SNORT" in GNUnify 08, an International Conference on Open Source Software
  5. Invited as Chief Guest and gave a guest lecture at Paavai Engineering College, Namakkal, Tamilnadu.
  6. Spoke to the students IT department of SONA College of Technology, Salem on Open Source on 7-Mar-2009
  7. Spoke OSI Tech Days 2009, an Open Source Conference and Exposition on "The Code Coverage - Emma" on 14-Mar-2009. This is part of workshop which was conducted by a team of five on "Open Source Java Development Tools"
  8. Spoke in Workshop on Open Source Initiatives, Linux Kernel, and Programming at School of Computer Sciences, VIT Vellore, Tamilnadu on 4-Apr-2009
  9. Presented a talk on Java Code Coverage using Emma on 11-Apr-2009 in ILUG-Chennai
  10. Security for Thinkers, a Technical Talk on Security with System Thinking, presented in Merill Lynch Chennai (Bank of America) office on 26-Aug-2009
  11. OpenGyan's Workshop on Unix/Network Programming (one day workshop), presented in Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College, Perambalur, Tamilnadu on 4-Feb-2012
  12. OpenGyan's Workshop on Linux Programming presented at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on 4-Mar-2012
  13. OpenGyan's Workshop on Linux Programming will be conducted at  PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on 7-July-2012
  14. OpenGyan's Workshop on "Introduction to Data Structures" at Achariya College of Engineering and Technology, Villianur, Puducherry, on 29-Sep-2012
  15. OpenGyan's Workshop on "C Programming on Linux" at Sona College of Technology, Department of ECE, Salem on 27-Dec-2012
  16. OpenGyan's Workshop on "C Programming in Linux" at Pondicherry Engineering College, Department of ECE on 5-Jan-2013
  17. OpenGyan's Workshop on "Linux Network Programming" at Pondicherry Engineering College, Department of ECE on 12-Jan-2013
  18. OpenGyan's Workshop on "Data Structures & Applications" at SRM University, Chennai  on 24-Aug-2013
  19. OpenGyan's Workshop on "Interviews and Resume Writing" at LICET, Nungambakkam, Chennai  on 31-Aug-2013
  20. OpenGyan's Workshop on "Basic C Programming on Linux" at LICET, Nungambakkam, Chennai  on 07-Sep-2013
  21. OpenGyan's Workshop on "Networking Fundamentals" at KSIT, Bangalore, on 28-Sep-2013
  22. OpenGyan's Workshop on "Fundamentals of Computers & Operating Systems" at Sri Nallalaghu Polytechnic College, Chennai on 16-Nov-2013
  23. OpenGyan's Workshop on "Resume Writing and Interview Skills" for group of students in Nanganallur, Chennai on 1-Feb-2014
  24. OpenGyan's workshop on "Pointers in C" at KSIT, Bangalore, on 22-Mar-2014
  25. OpenGyan's workshop on "Networking and Wireshark" at E. S. Engineering College, Villupuram on 29-Mar-2014
  26. OpenGyan's workshop on "Programming Fundamentals" at KCG College of Technology, Karapakkam, Chennai on 09-Aug-2014
  27. OpenGyan's workshop on "College To Corporate" at Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology, Pagalavady, Tiruchirappalli on 10-Jan-2015
Articles Written
  1. Synchronising Threads (Dec 2004)
  2. System Calls - Invocation and Implementation (Mar 2005)
  3. Design Patterns (Jun 2005)
  4. Object Creation and Garbage Collection in Java (Aug 2005)
  5. Introduction to Linux Processes (Sep 2005)
  6. Java Stack Frames (Sep 2005)
  7. Logging Using Log4J (Oct 2005)
  8. Loading, Linking, and Initialisation in Java (Nov 2005)
  9. Linux Processes - Part 2 (Dec 2005)
  10. Security - Know the Lingo (Mar 2006)
  11. SNORTing Out Network Intrusion (Jul 2006)
  12. Linux Scheduling - Part 1 (Jul 2006)
  13. Linux Scheduling - Part 2 (Aug 2006)
  14. Linux Scheduling - Part 3 (Sep 2006)
  15. XML Data Binding with Castor XML - Part 1 (Sep 2006)
  16. XML Data Binding with Castor XML - Part 2 (Oct 2006)
  17. JVMTI - Part 1 (Nov 2006)
  18. JVMTI - Part 2 (Dec 2006)
  19. Interrupts in Linux (Jan 2007)
  20. Profiling with Netbeans - Part 1 (May 2007)
  21. Introduction to JQuery (May 2009)
  22. Introducing JQuery Selectors (August 2009)

Other things
  1. Is It Payback Time? (Oct 2006)
  2. What does it take to make a Perfect LUG! (Dec 2006)
  3. Is the War Really Against Microsoft? (Jan 2007)

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