10 January 2018

Get, Set, GOLANG

[Reading Time: 3 to 5 minutes]

[Edited] Reposting this as i have decided to change the book.

Looks like programming languages are sweeping the internet today. Ever since the programming languages were introduced, the pace of new languages was rising gradually. Today, we are seeing a higher pace of several new and promising languages. Python and Go seem to take up cloud software development quite strongly. Python has been around for a lot of time. Go seems to pick up - offering ease of development comparable to languages like Python and giving a speed of execution of that of C/C++. From now and for next few months, I have to ride two horses - learning both Python and Go. I have to admit that I cannot put off my temptation (which I kept off for last three months).

Go in Action by William Kennedy
Go in Action by William Kennedy
and Others
Similar to Python, my goal is to become fluent in Go. I am not sure of the timeline but I do see a compelling need to be good in Go in near future. I would like to take up this self-learning of Go by reading books and trying out exercises in GitHub. Having decided to learn Go, I was searching the internet for where to start. There are several good books out there. Go in Action is one among them which was highly recommended in a couple of forums. Being decent sized book (not too small or not too big) and based on my first impression after reading the table of contents, I feel that it would provide a good start in my journey.

It consists of 9 chapters (270 pages). The chapters are said to be designed in such a way that an intermediate programmer can get best out of it (the audience the folks with some programming experience but new to Go, so no boring stuff). This is a quite a promise to keep up. I am excited to ride two horses.

Let us see how it goes. I am excited to learn Go and share my reading journal with you on Go :-)

There is another language that is creating so much noise - Rust. Check it out. If you are a C guy, you have to watch out Rust (hoping that I will not jump the gun in learning Rust)

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[Update after reading first chapter and reading the second chapter after half way through]
Looks to me that Go In Action has taken the learning in a different perspective and I am certainly feeling little tired to get past each sections. Somehow, I feel this should not be my first book on Go and I am going to switch to another book - which probably offers step by step in small increments.