05 January 2018

"Learning Python by Mark Lutz" - Reading Journal 5 [Chapter 8 and Chapter 9]

Learning Python by Mark Lutz Fifth Edition
Learning Python by Mark Lutz
Like me, if you are new to Python and want to ramp-up to become no non-sense developer in Python, you might want to read these posts (and if you are prepared to take up the tough path of mastering the language). The post like this is my experience - the journey that is little longer but interesting, thought-provoking and rewarding. 

For next few months, I would be posting my experiences with Python more specifically the learning I am going through from the book - "Learning Python by Mark Lutz". You can find all of my reading journal of this book.

The rest of this post covers what I learned in Chapter 8 and Chapter 9.

Chapter 8: List and Dictionaries
This chapter has given a lot of information in lists and directories. The key thing is that each operation is shown with examples. If you have gone through the chapter on "string", the list should be similar and you can just zip it through. The operations such as create, modify, slice, sequencing, iteration, comprehension and in place modification with loads of examples. Once you are through this chapter, you will understand (and relate to) if someone says you need not memorize things in Python. It was a very good read.

Chapter 9: Tuples, Files, and Everything Else
This chapter gives a nice exposition on tuples, named tuples, files and overview/summary of types that are discussed so far. At this point in time, I have to admit that Python is becoming easier to comprehend. Since we have seen lists/dictionary already, tuples and named tuples are similar except that they are immutable. With respect to files, I learned how to read, write, seek and flush the buffers, iterate over lines, opening them in the binary mode which turns off encoding/decoding Unicode, introduction to pickle, JSON & struct and file context manager. The chapter closes with a lengthy overview of types giving us a treat.

With this, I have completed Part 2 of the book roughly 20% of the book. Still, I have 80% to cover but it is exciting :-). Overall, my impression is - part 2 is deeper and insightful than part1 (with no offense meant to part1)

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