11 August 2017

Logic without Logic

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I came across an wonderful quote in a book on Discrete Mathematics. It applies to several things in life and our attitude in life. Here it goes 

Symbolic logic has been disowned by many logicians on the plea that its interest is mathematical and by many mathematicians on the plea that its interest is logical. - A N Whitefield

Inference: And as a result it is disowned by both.

Apply to Life: I have been in this is situation several times. For instance, when you study mathematics (or any complex subject that needs hard work to master) in school we hear teachers saying that you will understand it much deeper when you go to college. And after a couple of years when you are in college, your lecturer will say "you would learnt it in school" and just skim through it. 

We often get caught in the tiny window of ignorance due to negligence (when people treat you under qualified when you are young and over qualified when you are old and as a result you never get qualified). Break the window