16 August 2017

Wired to be Weird?

Journey of you and me

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  1. Human mind is fresh when born
  2. Few days after you are born, the folks around you condition you (smile is an outcome of happiness, boy doesn't cry, so do not cry, a girl should not do this)
  3. Because of extreme conditioning, you build your faith
  4. You associate yourself with others of similar faith (things are fine till this)
  5. You tend to believe that the person who you associated with is "good" because of what you experience with him (which is ok, but things start to go bad). Instead of you liking a quality or a task, you tend to like that person
  6. Assume that the person exhibit some unusual behavior
  7. Since you like that person, you are actually discounting the unusual behavior (which is not good) and if you like that person to extreme, you actually justify his behavior
And therefore
  1. We are weird and as the result, we regress
  2. We regress and feel bad, understand our hardware (brain - how it is wired) and try to change our software (thinking/awareness). We grow (a nice possibility)

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