06 June 2017

Internship for Students

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Writing this after a while. 

I was thinking of doing something like this for a very long time (many years probably) but took while. Dr. Sankaran's post is one of the reasons [Thank you Sir]

Hope you guys still remember OpenGyan. I am planning to do something similar but for folks who are really want to take programming to next level. The thinking is to come up with real world problems and TRY solving it and on the way you will learn some cool things. It will be like internship (of course with no stipend).

Program Structure:
  1. Identify folks who are interested to do this. Ideally someone with good (this is purely relative) programming skills and willing to put efforts to learn something new. Should be doing graduate or post-graduate course in a college (and interested in computers)
  2. Willingness to put 4-5 hours of efforts per week. I think this will be a big differentiation. 
  3. Willingness to work in latest technologies - cloud/containers/tools/http/REST (some of these are highly talked about in industry)
  4. Has Google hangout or similar tool for interaction
  5. Talking to geeks and learning from them (expands your learning)
  6. Planning to do for two teams each containing not more than two people. The members of team are co-located (either from same college or live near by each other or connected by Google hangout in the order of preference)
  7. Finally a demo of your work (a write-up on what you have done and learnt) and move on to next problem (if you are still interested)

What you will probably get (no guarantee):
  1. Problems that the world is trying to solve (tough part)
  2. How some of the problems are solved (easy part once tough part is found)
  3. Get hooked to problems (disciple)
  4. Apply what you learnt. If you have not learnt anything, learnt it first and apply it (consistency)
  5. Learn tools that professional use to debug/solve problems (smart work)
What you pay:
  • Your fee is through your commitment and valuing the folks' bandwidth
  • No exchange of money or favour to be involved

If you are interested - write to me GRABYOURFREEDOM AT GMAIL DOT COM
If you feel it will help someone that you know (or don't know) - Just Share.

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