08 December 2015

Weird Questions

Lots of energy is pumped into Chennai relief work and everyone of us see the impact that youths are creating in Chennai during the last week and this week. The students and professionals work tirelessly to arrest the hunger and to put the life to normalcy.
  1. Why do they commit themselves so selflessly?
  2. Why do they feel that they can listen someone's order in relief activity?
  3. Why do they give space to others to give their share of ideas?
  4. Why do they collaborate?
  5. Who instilled the vision? 
  6. How do they chase their dreams?
  7. While they are very tiny in the whole, how they get the feeling that their "tiny" things make whole?
While their bosses and teachers say quite opposite.

Vision - Purpose - Passion - Drive - Results - Impact Delivered

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