14 December 2015

Switch (Part 1) - Three Surprises

Review of Chapter 1

This is going to be another post on the book Switch. In this post i am going to quickly cover various ideas and insights in section 1 - Three Surprises. There will be 3-5 more posts on the book. The goal of writing the detailed reviews are as follows:
  • Discuss the contents so that you can decide why i am recommending others to spend time on this book
  • Internalize the ideas so that my recommendation is based on thorough reading and reflecting. Since i read this book for the second time. First time i did not take any notes. Since the subject and book is interesting, i started making notes.
Enough of reasoning. Let us move on.

The first section talks about "Three Surprises About Change". The section provides motivation to read the book further. I have bought many books in the past and hardly can complete any. But when i read the first section, i get the feeling that I should read this. The first section does a good job of giving an overview on Change - what is a good change pattern and what are common misunderstanding about impediments.

The first section introduces us our brain - "Rider" and "Elephant". Rider analyzes, thinks, provides direction and look into the future. Elephant gives us energy, motivation, love, compassion. It discusses few case studies why it is critical to involve both "Rider" and "Elephant" for the change to be successful. How "Rider" and "Elephant" derail the change.

The first section brilliantly demystifies the following the myths.

Surprise #1: What it looks like people problem is often Situation Problem
Surprise #2: What looks like laziness is often Exhaustion
Surprise #3: What looks like resistance is often Lack of Clarity

The following case studies are used as supporting materials
  1. Stale Popcorn in Bigger and Less Bigger Bucket to discuss how the situation changes people's eating behavior
  2. Clocky - The Running Rogue Clock to discuss Rider and Elephant fight
  3. Chocolate Cookies and Radish to discuss exhaustion
  4. Stegner's 242 Gloves to discuss what happens when Rider and Elephant are engaged
  5. Making West Virginia to adopt 1% milk to be healthy to discuss the importance of direction
  6. Saving 100000 lives by Donald Berwick to discuss what scripted change and a successful change
Sum up: Overall the first chapter is delight and sets the stage to read further.

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Disclaimer: I neither get commission for a writing review nor using Affiliation of any Bookstore. The whole purpose of these posts is to provide value to my readers and give them information to be better.

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