07 December 2015

Branding Woes

Chennai is getting back to normal faster. The people share everything - food, water, shelter, clothes, emotions and morale. The severely impacted person consoling and giving confidence to worst impacted person. People are migrating within the city and reaching safest places. People continue their journey on becoming self dependent and self sufficient.

But the government's branding continues. The branding started allegedly when chief minister's sticker was pasted on the relief materials donated by a people (often NGO, caring individuals). I have myself seen ambulance displaying chief minister's poster (It is government's (people's) vehicle)

Irrespective of whether it is government's relief or someone else's it is poor branding and it is one of branding woes. If the government ensures that the relief is above everything else, it becomes a great branding. If operations of relief work is carried out with minimal issues, the people are going to think that it is great work by government which would be a GREAT branding.

Certainly the government has to downplay its poor branding (like pasting stickers on someone's donation and pasting stickers on sanitary pads)

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