02 November 2015

Pushing out emotions

Emotions are good and bad. 

Good - when it helps to build relationships (Love, trust, care)

Bad - when it doesn't help to build relationships. Often used to prove that "i am correct (and you are wrong)"

In a difficult situation (where i badly want to express something in that moment) when i want to get relieved (satisfying my ego), i used to burst out. For past few months, i have been selectively taking up not to burst out (otherwise - not to make an attempt to do something to simply satisfy my ego).

When i do not make an attempt, it often makes me more productive and happier than if i had to show my emotions. "moving on" is becoming easy. I seem to enjoy the new person in me and finding his new limits. These days i think that the best email is that is not written and the best words are that not spoken.

Push out (emotions) - to find a new self.

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