13 November 2015

Issues with Instant Gratification

Do you prefer smaller short term gain over bigger longer term gain? Do you prefer to get instant "pay backs"?

I see few issues with instant gratification. 

  • Instant gratification focuses more "pay backs" rather than the "actual goal". When you focus on short term "temptation", sometimes the efforts are scattered, sometimes leads to failure to learn at boundaries, leads not to see a big picture.
  • Gratification is always tempting and i think that is why most of us want to cash it instantly. 
  • Since i have already cashed, i see that there is no need to put more focus on the goal - i consider that i have already accomplished
  • Hinders continuous learning
Only a very few people overcome the temptation and look beyond few days to few months to few years (deferred gratification). You can call it a virtue or maturity. It is very difficult to acquire. easy to say but very very hard to do.

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