24 October 2015

Paradigm shift

Human beings are designed to thrive and evolve. Most of us think that we have limitations. It is our own thinking that is causing us stagnated. But we are limitless possibility. Here is a video that someone shared in Facebook.

Whatever we do might be a very simple like fixing a puncture in a cycle. But it might have given us a new thinking, new eyes, new possibilities. If it gives us a new perspective, even a tiny thing is a paradigm shift. New perspective gives us limitless possibilities.

Perspectives are important as they fetch shift in frame of mind.

Happy weekend

09 October 2015

Notion of Role

I often hear from people about wanting an elevation in the role thinking that mere elevation would give us a career progression. The career progression is a sword and ultimately lead to suicide when there are no business need and an undue promotion (a different topic).

Let us dwell right into the "notion of role".

Unlike a drama or cinema, the role at work need not be restricted. The role is something what i believe that i would be doing (aspiration), what i should be doing (expectation), whether it pushes my abilities (performance) and whether i really like what i am doing (passion). 

Each one of us can aspire to become something. It doesn't mean that it is available right now. The second thing - the reality might be quite different from belief. I might believe that i am something and ready for something more. The reality could be different and there could be gaps. I might need to work on the gaps, be flexible to play better (efficient, try to solve the team's problem and create impact).

But to start with I feel it is very important to be flexible to contribute more. Flexibility (mindset or paradigm whatever you call it) could be a real game changer. The moment i become flexible, i really tune my antenna of learning and slowly expand my capacity which is very likely to give a career progression and role progression. There is a possibility of becoming a role MODEL.

07 October 2015

Right Back Here

It has been more than 10 months that i turned up to my blog. I tried to find reasons and many things came to my mind. The reasons are mere reasons. Anyways, here are some
  1. If I had 25 hours in a day, probably i would have written an useful post (like this?) everyday. 
  2. If there an extra day in a week, i would have written a weekly post for my readers and that would have given a weekly gyan to you.
  3. If there was an extra day in a month, i would have written it or at least i would have released a photo (like before and after photo of a slimming clinic)
  4. Work, family, commitments
  5. I did not write simply because i do not have that time. I always want to write masterpiece posts so it requires lot of thinking. If you do not yet understand what is masterpiece, read at least of my posts here. You will be enlightened.
The reality is - "i lack thinking", "i did not conceive any new ideas", "i did not try anything new", "i did not try to change much", "i was like a stone", "i stopped being intellectually curious", "i was in a silo - unripe fruit waiting to be become a ripe fruit".

But last 10 months aren't so dull. May be bright in different aspect. The last four months are so thrilling, calm and peaceful. Feeling more grounded because i try to be more grounded :-). May be it is starting point of a new beginning. I really need to unstuck now :-)

Let us see

But i promise - more is in store. If i do not change, i would be extinct

Start seeing you regularly