01 June 2014

Self Learning - Resources

After a very long time, writing this post. Stayed away from blogging, primarily because i didn't know what to write. The work kept me busy and so no reading, no browsing and no learning (except work). It is just work, work and more work :-)

Finally got some time off and yesterday i did something which i never did for past many months. I started learning a new programming language. It is Python and i know you are fuming for saying it. It isn't new to many of you but it is new to me. I started to learn python in Code Academy and completed the beginner course in Python. Here is the list of online portal that helps you build your skills.

Hope it is useful to someone out there.

If you want to add new skills to your kitty, look at the above places and i am sure you will end up learning more. And additionally, you will get a certificate.

BTW, interesting found PyCon India scheduled coming Sept and hoping to attend the sessions and workshops and you can buy tickets here