30 March 2014

OpenGyan - An Update

Last two weeks, we at OpenGyan had a great time in conducting workshops. Last Saturday, we were at KSIT Bangalore for a one day workshop on "Pointers in C" and yesterday we were in ES Engineering college in Villupuram for a workshop on "Networking".

KSIT - We are visiting the second time (CSE department) and the response from the students were too good (and the students themselves are too good). The day went like a second and there were learning at both students. At the end of the workshop apart from learning pointers, the students felt that learning pointers is easy (but it requires lots of practice) and we too had wonderful learning as we had to learn it again to conduct this workshop. There are interests from other departments from KSIT and we met up HODs of two other departments post our workshop. Kudos to staff, students and management of KSIT, Bangalore. It is one of the institutes where we feel we should keep going.

ES Engineering College - Being my hometown and it makes feel so happy to contribute to an institution in my hometown. It is the first time for us in Villupuram. It was wonderful experience to meet up students from different background and we spent a day on talking about networking. The second half of the day, we managed to capture live network traffic and show the students how to analyze the traffic using Wireshark. The management was very interested to get our feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of education. It is glad to see such interests from the department. Thanks to management, staff and students of ECE department.

Here are some of the snaps taken in these two workshops

KSIT, Bangalore (22-Mar-2014)

ES Engineering College, Villupuram (29-Mar-2014)