08 January 2014

Accepting Perceptions

I wanted to write this as my Facebook status. But i failed to make it concise. So, it became a blog post.

In life, we say that "i understand your point". It usually goes like this. You say something, the others perceive it in a way, they say something and you say "i understand your point". As we live we build perceptions and keep building it at a much faster pace. Sometimes the perceptions are wrong because our understanding is wrong. Sometimes we say we understand others perceptions but the reality is we say so due to "diplomacy".

"accepting perceptions" or "understanding others" will not be a true statement if you do not have either the trust on the other side/person or you are very stiff on your own viewpoint. If you are stiff (adamant or arrogant), i believe that you will miss an opportunity to learn something or an opportunity to correct our own perceptions on things (and miss an opportunity to be smarter). And there won't be questions from you to fine your perceptions. It will just be an acting. You will say "i accept" but internally you will "overrule it".

I believe it is very difficult to be truly "accepting perceptions" as requires one to be very bold to accept others. You got to be bold because by accepting others' perceptions, you lose yourself. But the key here is to stop as "losing yourself" and start seeing this as "reinventing yourself".

Accepting perceptions is the way to go about reinventing oneself.