11 August 2014

Another Saturday at OpenGyan

Many of you would know by now that we, from OpenGyan were at KCG last Saturday for a one day workshop on programming fundamentals. It was personally an wonderful exposition on various aspects of programming. We tried mapping programming from different perspective and there were wonderful answers from the students too. What we came up was the following map which was our agenda.

Talking about trivial and non-trivial software and trying to explain the logic. We took an example of searching a list. How to come up with a logic. We conveyed how easy is to write a brute-force algorithm for searching and how it fairs when the number of inputs is increased and why it cannot scale up. How to optimize the brute-force and to come up with a algorithm that usually takes less iterations.

The students wrote two versions of solution - brute force and building a binary tree. All these were correlated to real-world and the students were spot on in relating effective data storage with library, medical shop.

Towards the end, i felt why we were ending the session. It was an wonderful session talking to young minds. Hope we meet often and soon. Some pictures from the event