10 February 2014

Creativity Vs Commodity - A Rant

Beware, this might appear as a rant for many :-).

The ability of an individual to do something is very limited unless you automate something. The results produced due to automation is huge because they can run always. But then, they are not fool proof because the automated process do not have common sense. It cannot apply its mind because it doesn't have one. You teach some sense, it learns but it can't apply to different situations - lack of common sense. So, some part of the world is trying every bit to make everyone as a "automated thing" with repeatable, predictable, assured models - skills are commoditized. Automating using computer is not profitable but automating using human is profitable. It's a business here.

Then, it leads to erosion (from people moving out in short term to skill erosion in the whole thing). You don't cherish someone with rare skill neither you feel bad when you lose someone with rare skills. Because you do not need such skills (so you have not used it well) or you have decomposed the skills as models.

But the irony is that you try to find creativity when the skills are commoditized and using the skills that are commoditized. All those recommendations in LinkedIn are worthless when "the creativity" of human is lost. It is sick thing.

By now, you would gotten that this post is not against programming, scripting or building products using software or automating using software.Automation using software is great thing but trying make human as cogs isn't great.

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