17 November 2013

Wonderful Experience in OpenGyan Workshop

"Those were really fulfilling moments". 

This would be an understatement. The amount of satisfaction and sense of attachment i get out of OpenGyan's workshop can never be said in words. A day's time or sometimes probably lesser than that is required to rejuvenate my morale. The amount of inspiration and motivation i get from the tiny leaders out there in schools is very huge. Many folks think i go to colleges to add value to the students. But usually it is the opposite. I feel that i get a huge benefit and value from those students - a bunch of students who have hope in their eyes and fire in their belly. You never know the magnitude of their fire just by looks. You should really talk to them.

Yesterday, it was once again a great moment unnoticed. I would rather say that it would have gone unnoticed had i been normal, usual. Yesterday was the first time we were in a polytechnic to meet up budding diploma holders. We spent close to three hours to talk about computers, programming and operating systems. Many times during the session, i hit my limits and had to rethink about the way i deliver the session. The questions were spontaneous, direct and cannot/should not be missed. Yet all those had to be answered to curious minds.

It was wonderful session and i sincerely wish all my workshops are like this. If the participants try to shake my understanding of computing, it helps me to understand it better. Yesterday was one such day. Because of intense discussions, we missed to capture the moments through lens but we didnt miss to capture the college along with Paramaraj (alumnus of the college and my co-worker) and the faculty from Dept of Electronics.

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