04 November 2013

Improve Thinking Through Designing Scenarios, Puzzles and Games

As a part of OpenGyan, we have started to roll out videos for the students who want to be in touch with us. The design of topics and boxing them to 7-10 minutes duration is very challenging. When we do in-class workshop, it becomes a lot easier. But in the video we need to complete our session logically within 7-10 minutes.

While doing that i understood the power of analogy, co-relation, quickly building a short
scenario that can be expressed in under a minute. I see that these scenarios, puzzles and games help me to convey the point and i believe it will also help the listeners to have sharp focus on the content.

At the end, we also suggest some exercises. Again these exercises are scenarios, puzzles, coding problems and games. While i am designing the content, i find that my perspective on the topic changes and i tend to refer the text books, online materials to verify my understanding. And in that process, my thinking grows.

Designing our own puzzles, scenarios and games certainly helps to improve our thinking.

Now a bit of shameless branding :-)

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