09 September 2013

Good Read - Write Great Code

I am currently reading the book "Write Great Code, Volume -1, Understanding the machine", by Randall Hyde and i should admit that the book has to be read by all software engineers who are into the business of writing code. It is the foundation that is often neglected. A Java programmer works at a very high layer and might feel that he/she doesn't need to know all these lower levels. But then, i feel that it is very essential for coders to understand the environment where the code runs.

The book has twelve chapters. The book starts with numeric representation to all way up to input/output. The book talks about CPU architectures, memory architecture and organization, instruction set architecture, boolean logic, memory access, binary arithmetic and floating point. I would say that all coders should read this book at least once and they have come back if they have forgotten it :-)

If you are the coder, you must know and i feel it is a good investment to buy this book.

Maybe, i will be sharing my knowledge once i complete reading the book. OpenGyan is making me to know/read more.