14 October 2013

First Video from Canon 600d

I have been writing posts here in Unstuck for quite sometime and i always wanted to move to next level from writing to something different. The entire world is moving towards video. Recently, i bought a Canon 600d DSLR (in fact it was my wife's negotiation skill that made me to buy this camera. Later i thought, it is worth buying) and captured few videos. Here is one that i captured and published under the banner of OpenGyan. I thought of sharing it with you. Here is the video, watch it and share you comments.


Sandy said...

Dear Lakshmi,

:-) :-) I'm yet to hear of something about a man's nego skill.. :-) Jokes apart, glad you bought it.. I'm thinking of buying the same.. Could you please write a post on the factors to consider when buying a DSLR??

Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan said...


I just wanted to overcome loss of opporunity. I kind of wasted two weeks in research. Given the fact that i dont have a background in photography, i felt like i should buy one either Canon or Nikon.

Before doing that.. you may want to attend workshop if you have not done yet. (i recently attended).

BTW, check your email.. :-)