22 May 2013

Touting won't buy anything

When you go to school and learn alphabets and your papa proudly says my kiddo knows alphabets. You proudly smile that you know alphabets. When someone asks you to say it, you proudly say "a, b, c, d......". It was exciting. It is never a touting. It was celebration. It was a paradigm shift. You are just trying to learning something new. In fact you just start to learn something formally.

But when you are in 10th grade and again your papa says my kiddo knows alphabets. And you proudly smile and your papa is even prouder. Now, your dad asks you to say alphabets. Now, you can understand that pain that others undergo. It is touting.

Well, a lot of things depends on what you have to say and to whom are you saying that to.

Touting by any means won't enable you rather pulls you down.

BTW, this is a just a hang over post after experiencing something which i can't digest. But i forgot it after watching this comedy clip (from a Tamil movie) :-) (when i see this comedy i remember the quality of some of the whitepapers, honestly this is much better than those whitepapers)

05 May 2013

Is communication a key factor?

In one of our workshops @ OpenGyan,
A student asked, "How important is communication?"
I said, "very important".
He then asked, "how much should i improve?"
I said, "i don't know the answer but you and i should keep improving our skills".
He smiled and then asked, "will i get a job for my communication skills".
I said, "well, if you are looking for a technical work, communication skills alone won't fetch you a job. It is your programming skills that would fetch you a job but for that you have to express yourself clearly".
He asked me again, "i have difficulty in communication". 
I said, "as long as your express yourself with a bit of difficult toastmaster. I don't think much about my English when speaking but i try my bit by reading. That's my homework."
and listen genuinely it should be fine. don't think much about whether you are correct grammatically or you speak like a
I asked him, "how are you feeling now? do you think, talking to me is a difficult task?" 
He said, "No" 
I said, "that's is enough to start with. Don't think too much about work. Communication is more like conversation and holding interest of other person. As long as you do that, it's enough but keep improving"
[He then sat in his chair with big relief.]

Take away for him: Good technical skills and ability to converse on the topic of your interest is sufficient at work or interview. And that's my experience too [it fetched me a job 12 years back and i have been recruiting folks with average communication skills but with good technical skills]. 

02 May 2013

Play or Watch - Be Explicit

Never be on the wall. Never be undecided for long time. You can be a player or audience. But you cannot afford to spoil someone's dream when you are undecided or when you decided to stand on the wall (to join at anytime). It is so much energy sucking.

Being on the wall gives us feeling that we can chip in at anytime but then the folks who are already playing the game would feel that you are an alien.

If you want to be included, you will have to absorb risk. You cannot avoid risk and expect a reward at the same time. Be wise.

Choose the game - play it or watch it.

[another personal rant]