27 July 2012

Running Performance - Improving

What i felt Last Saturday
On 21-July , i did a 20K run/walk. Ran for approximately 13K and walked for 7K without any perceived tiredness/strain. Unlike my first 21K run, i was able to continue with my usual life. There was no cramp or weird pain in the butt. Seems like my legs have become better. Still i feel there is a long way to go to cover 5K less than 30 minutes and 10K in about an hour (1 hour 10 mins). I m still hoping that i should cover 5K distance in less than 30 minutes in couple of months from now.

Coming my 5K performance. I feel that after a couple of days of rest followed by a longer run helps to improve the performance of 5K. Seems like my body and heart takes up more oxygen. My average speed is increasing every week. 

Good to see things improving.

My target is 5K in 29 mins 59 secs. Let me see how it goes from here. Within next 12 runs, i should have been trained to run 5K under 30 mins which should roughly take 3 weeks from now.

Thinking to run 10K under one hour is distant thought. I should first complete 5K, then move to 7K and then 10K (gradual). So, i think, it should take at least three months to run 10K under one hour.

Let us see how it goes

Another important thing when it comes to running is losing weight. I continue to shed my weight, which is good. I have chopped off 16 kilos and i still need to shed around 20 kilos (which should take at least 6 months).

Running is great way to chop off weight. I m glad that i m still consistent & injury free (yep, rests are more important than running).