26 June 2012

OpenGyan - Update

Most of the colleges have reopened and we have received few workshop requests. Glad to see that people are calling us again. We feel that it is easier to expand this way. In July and August, we have finalized on conducting two workshops - Linux Programming Interface in Coimbatore and JVM Architecture in Vellore. I think, we should be doing couple more in August/September. Will keep you posted.

Badhrinath has come up with a proposal document of what is (really) OpenGyan and what we intend to do/make difference. It is a document that answers most of the questions in people's mind so that it will be easier for us to reach out to people/institutions. He will post it in Facebook to as notes.

When we conduct workshops, we are planning to meet up with key people and find out a way of working closely with set of institutions who are not commercial (or at very least not seeing OpenGyan to make more money).

We have also added Networking and Network Security to the list of workshop.

The website has undergone few minor upgrades and by now you should be knowing that there is a Facebook page managed by Badhrinath.

Request you to reach out your alma mater and share this initiative.