02 June 2012

Half-Marathon (Self) Training

Lots of experiments on my body especially heart, knees, back and foot. 

So far, my body responded well for the "running challenge". I never thought i would take running so seriously (with a lot fun when i m on the road). It is real fun when you run and great learning when you throw the towel and give up. You become so upset because you cannot run that additional kilometer. Running teaches me many things. Every time i step into my shoes i m determined to run X kilometers and i m becoming more of a tough guy (prepared to crawl and reach home). When running, we generally take heart to a upper level and make the body to burn the calorie. I learnt to watch my strides to make my run comfortable and i can inhale/exhale at a comfortable pace. 

I started running by reading articles in Runner's World. Sometime in March '12, i started of my jogging (i should say restarted) with a 21 days training for running 30 minutes. Next step is to take running bit more seriously. How about running a self-paced half-marathon? Won't it be a big test of my consistency? 

With all my experience in past two plus months, i should be able to run few half-marathons in 2-3 months from now. It is biggest challenge in my life - "can i run half-marathon? (consistently)", only the time can decide. 100% committed. Will share my progress here with you.

My heartfelt thanks to all my friends who comment here and in Facebook. I owe you people a lot.