06 May 2012

Second 15K Run - Much Improved

Today, i ran my second 15K run and things are improved. The last Sunday i ran my first 15K and when compared to that, this run was bit easier, relaxing and have improved my the duration (noticeably shaved off around 15 mins). Today's run

  • 0.5 km - warm-up walk
  • 12.5 - 5/1s, 7/1s, and 8/1s
  • 2km - cool down walk
  • Duration: 2 hours 10 mins (approx)

And most importantly, i finished off with a lot of energy (was planning to run 16K but didn't do it as it became too dark). For the past one week, i have been working on my hydration while running and sipping around 500ml of tang (should be close to 150 calories). Have to experiment on drinking water than tang.

Things to improve

  • Stretching before and after the run.
  • Hydration while running (to increase the performance)
  • Do some breathing exercise (start doing pranayama taught by my dad)
  • Have a shorter version of run (9K/10K) and keep repeating it for speed built up (and to burn more calories).
Glad to see my dad filling my running journal and he has become my raving fan.