13 April 2012

Running Log - 13/Apr/2012

After almost a week, i tried to increase my mileage today and tried to reach the next milestone - 10K. I didn't feel any pain/discomfort while i ran. I didn't overstep, i didn't increase the intensity of the run and thoroughly enjoyed. I m going to keep watching my steps and it is doing miracles. Watching the body really works. I did couple of things before the run. Around an hour before my run, i gulped 200 ml of Tang (flavored water which gives around 75 cal of energy) and 500 ml of plain water. Here goes the running log.

  • Total Mileage: 10K
  • Warm-up: 0.5 km walk
  • Run: 8.5km (5/1s). 
  • Cool down: 1km walk

Next Steps:

  • Few upgrades
    • Research on compression shorts/pants.
    • Research on the need for knee band (that keeps the knee cap intact). I feel that i should wear it for next 3-6 months
  • Check out the loss of minerals and how to build it back.
  • Check out crossing training (cycling/swimming)

5/1s is really doing wonders. If you want to finish your race few minutes before, you should walk in between your run.

My overall mileage this month stands at 75 kilometers.

Previously (sometime back when i traveled to San Jose) i ran 12km but today's 10K gives me different feeling. I feel that i should keep running.

Thank you guys for being with me. Special thanks to Sandy for motivating me. Whenever i run, i sincerely feel that i should wear the kurta you gave me. The gift can actually change my life/lifestyle.