10 April 2012

Plan for 1/2 Marathon

I never thought that i would take up running seriously and enjoy every step. Whenever i run, i never think about shedding my pounds. I don't have losing weight as my goal. I enjoy the way i sweating out because running helps me to prove to my own self - what i m capable of. I don't just run. When i run, i think, i m hearing my body.

For the past one month, i have been witnessing the importance of keeping goals that are challenging. Everyday, when i untie my shoes, i think about adding a mile next time. I m not successful in adding a mile the very next day. But i add few hundred steps before giving up and everyday it is incremental. It is great thing to faint and fail. It is great thing to give up after sweating your butt.

I started with 3K. And for past few sessions i broke 9K and i should say, "i m pretty much consistent". With this consistency and if i apply 10 percent rule (increasing the mileage by 10 percent every week), i should be hitting 21K mark (half-marathon) in another 12 weeks (3 months). If i add a month to it to factor in my rest days, i should be able to run a half marathon within four months from now. It is very much attainable goal.

The point here is. I can run my half marathon next week. It is bit easy to run 21K once. But can i run 21K consistently every week without an injury is a question mark. I would like to bank on consistency, 10 percent rule and advices of veteran runners.