08 April 2012

Running Log - 8/Apr/2012

Today, it was a fantastic day for two reasons.

First, my hydration was super cool and second i got new pair of Asics. I have been using Reebok for sometime for my evening jog. I wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. I was not happy with my new Reebok Vibetech and started searching for good shoes. Good that i came to know about Asics. Today, i bought a new pair of Asics from Reliance Footprint and my run was sturdy. I never jogged with such a comfort. More on Asics later (after my initial experience).

Coming to the run. Today, i took a different route. Here is my run log

Run log
  • 0.5km warm-up
  • 7 km 5/1s runs
  • 1.5 cool down walk
Yeah, i crossed 8K today and made up 9K. 8K was my psychological barrier.

Upgrades (both these made my run pretty comfortable):
  • Asics running shoes
  • Nike running socks
  • Try to find a route that you can complete in single run (irrespective of the distance). For long distance running, repetition seems to be a scary thing. Running laps are just boring. Make your run motivating.
  • Add a bit of sodium after a long run. Today, had banana milk shake. Just a pat on my back :-)
  • I feel that with training (and Asics), running a half marathon (13.1mi/21K) is an attainable goal (may be in 6-8 months).
  • Need to study a bit on injuries due to running and how to mitigate them
  • Have to check websites on Gatorade. Should i really take Gatorade?
  • Start working on half-marathon running/training plan. Get a gyan and fix a goal (which is attainable yet challenging)
Gyan that i got:
Don't run to complete 5K/10K/half-marathon or to lose weight. Run to enjoy life and discover who you are.

One more kilometer to hit 10K. As usual, my endurance was up a bit and few times in the middle of my runs, i ran really fast (due to traffic signals and traffic congestion).

Only word that hits me these days - Consistency, Consistency & Consistency.