04 April 2012

Experiencing "Running"

I have been running (rather jogging/walking) for quite sometime. Got past my target of 5K pretty consistently and every day i jog i make sure that i jog 5K. And most importantly, i finish my run with lot of energy (which is good) and i have to (deliberately) tell my legs "stop". After my evening run, i still have energy left to play with my playful nephews.

The following helps me to enjoy my running
  • Use run-walk-run method (check out Jeff Galloway's website) .
  • Have enough rest days (two consecutive run days followed by a rest day)

and slowly i have to
  • add miles to my run
  • cross training (do toning exercise or bit of cycling/swimming)
  • work on my "hydration" and make it better
  • work on my diet
  • Run in the morning (through not very urgent)

This week, i ran 6K and 7K on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Hopefully, by the mid of May, i should run my first 10K (yeah, it is 10 kilometers in single run). Currently, i m not focusing too much on the time to complete. Being heavy, i feel that running is much more important than speed.

My first gyan from this renewed habit is - "Size doesn't matter".