03 April 2012

Philosophy of Being Naughty

Any philosophy to be called as a philosophy should primarily have two attributes. It should withstand the test of time and there should have been enough counter perspectives [contrarian views]. If you accept something simply because it has been rolled out by the CEO, you will do more harm to the philosophy than good. If you don't rebel, there are two possibilities. The philosophy could be so great but you missed to understand it. The second possibility is that the philosophy could actually be crap but you would be wasting your time on something which is useless. So, when in doubt, question. When in doubt, do not co-operate. When in doubt, be naughty.

In some cases, obedience is height suicide. Disobedience can lead to great self satisfaction and most productive for the company. This point itself could be a philosophy. Philosophy of being naughty (by naughty i mean not taking the casual route, naughty could be not fearing, naughty could be not trusting until there is a proof, naughty could be trying to be rebel).

By being naughty, if you don't buy in to the philosophy, it just fine. Because, you follow "Naughty Philosophy"