01 April 2012

Unstuck and Get a Life

I never thought that this blog would turnaround my life and make me think big. You the readers have been my source of inspiration in many ways. I only hope that i live up to my own potential of being an human being.

Here is March '12 performance card of my jogging {i put together a tiny personal tracker/website in my laptop and till will take a while to make it online}

  • Restarted to jog. {started and stopped the habit many times in the past. Every time i start, i vow to make it a part of my daily life. nothing changed this time}
  • Training myself for a 5K run. {as of now today, i can comfortably jog 5K with 4/1 strategy. 4 mins jog and 1 minute walk}. 
  • From mid of March, have jogged a total distance of 40 K (yeah, it is kilometers).
  • In the last day of March, did few 3/1s, two 9/1s and a warm up (5 mins walk)/cool downs (10 mins walk).
  • Next would be reaching 10/1 gradually and build endurance.
  • Next 10 days, i would be working on hitting 5K consistently, every day that i run.
  • From the end of April, i would be training for a 10K and hoping to hit 10K once with 10/1 strategy.
Have enough rest days. Allow muscle to repair itself. Be tough to be consistent and be gentle while you run.

Hope to put up a better post on first of next month.

[By the way, don't think that this is fools day post. It is just a coincidence that i started this on March '12]

See you later.