25 March 2012

Open Gyan - The Commitment

This year (till now), Open Gyan, has conducted two workshops on Linux. We planned two more workshops in different colleges (DS/algo, JVM Internals and Linux) but we decided to push those to next semester as we felt that it would be little hectic for the students to prepare for their semester/labs and attend our workshops. All these workshops would be scheduled next semester along with few new workshops.
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I would like to share couple of ground rules that would instill our long term commitment towards Open Gyan, its values and long term goals.

Since we are receiving the workshop requests moderately but we are very selective. At Open Gyan, we are interested to have a specific format (in delivery, hands-on and do it yourself) on selected topics. We don't want to repeat what the students have already learnt (or will be learning). We can certainly customize our workshop based on the students' exposure but we would not be interested to cover the entire syllabus (we feel that the college should be doing it). We welcome workshop requests that enhances the thinking/programming skills of the students and we aren't interested in merely repeating some text books and syllabus. We want to do workshops that shapes up thinking and to people who are passionate about computers/programming and conduct workshops (to curious minds) that challenges our own thinking. With this, we will also be challenged enough and knowledge sharing will be two way street.

The second issue is that many are asking for financial commitment. With the best interest of Open Gyan and its members, it is correct time to clear the air. Open Gyan will not be charging anything as fee. Our workshops are free (free as is in Open Source). Our companies pay us enough to have a moderate lifestyle. This initiative is driven out of passion. So, if you are looking out to cash something through us, i think, it is better to say "Open gyan will be truly open". Open Gyan will remain non-profit now and in FUTURE. Another caveat is that if our workshops require over night stay (which is very rare), we expect accommodation be arranged. With this, our original and true intention are preserved and our values won't get diluted. This will also help us to set expectation with any new members who join Open Gyan.

We are pleased about the response for Open Gyan. We have been meeting people and contacting them (through referrals and personal contacts). It would be great if you can share this with your friends specifically who are in academia (they could be professors or students). 

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Once again, we thank you for the support. We sincerely hope, "Together, we will make something meaningful to the community".

Have a Great Week.

Open Gyan Team.