13 March 2012

Open Gyan - News and Update

This year is quite good for Open Gyan. Having started this initiative during 2009, it is glad to see some momentum and we see that this initiative is taking off a bit. We decided that it is apt time to invest more time (personal/leisure) and as a result we came up an idea of focusing on two areas. First is DS & Algo and the second one is Linux. DS/Algo helps us solve the problem and Linux makes it simple (KISS principle).
OpenGyan - Logo

This year, we would be doing series of workshops in these two areas. Each area will have at least two workshops (basic and advanced). As we already said, the workshops would be hands-on (and we just don't stop with prescribing something. we sit with the students and make them do things. So the learning will be mutual).

Next comes the update.

OpenGyan gets a logo.

We are bootstrapping new website. Please visit us and share your thoughts [www.opengyan.com]. 
After getting inputs from few of our friends, we prepared/updated our main presentation slides for "what is Open Gyan". We are constantly updating our goals and priorities based on your inputs. We are looking forward for your inputs.

Once again, we would like to thank you (a tonne) for supporting us and spreading the goodness. Please share with people that you know who can benefit out of this initiative (students/professors in colleges).