25 February 2012

Reason of why we are not excelling

Is there a reason for why we aren't excelling?

Why we don't do programming (let us say work) little better? Why aren't we little nicer to others? Why are we taking everyone for granted? Why do we think that we are correct (not always but 110% of times)?

We pity a lot - not on others but on ourselves. The bigger world doesn't expect us to be bigger, greater or nicer, in fact the world doesn't need us to be great. It never cares for individuals. It just extinguishes the matter that is not relevant. The world keeps changing its skin like a snake. If you don't excel in your thinking, you are gone, you become history.

We fail to exist because we fail to excel. We fail to excel simply because we are clever, just clever enough to find a reason to fool around like - i didn't have good primary education, i m a villager, my boss is not great, i don't have a corpus to spin off a start-up. All these can true. Even if these are true, it doesn't really affect one. It is the self-pity and finding reasons that affects us the most.

I hope, one day, i will come out of this self pity and start doing something meaningful to just prove to myself and simply enjoy my drive in life journey.