06 February 2012

Your age means nothing to people

The days have changed. People generally don't accept things. Don't think that they don't trust you. They test it, explore it and experience it. Good thing?

It applies to people too.

Don't expect people to follow you just by your age (either at home or work).

People will like you and people will respect you. Likes and Respects are given your personality and age. It is different. It is purely because we are social.

People follow those who think, ask questions and set them directions (but not actually directing them how to do it).

The age and thinking have little relation. Yes, it is related to extent to which the biologically our brain starts to develop (biologically the human brain development start prenatal, every human being has an opportunity to be a thinker even before they are born). Once it is developed well, it depends on how you use it.

(Technically and practically) A child can think much better than grown-ups.

So, your age means nothing to people but your thinking REALLY MATTERS.