08 January 2012

Perception Profiling

Now, it gets very interesting when you witness the crux of you undergoing a change. The change by itself is not so satisfying. The moment that you get converted is so enriching. When you move from the camp of understanding to actually doing is something very important.

I have told you before (couple of weeks back) about Dan Ariely's book "Predictably Irrational" (here and here) . Since the book discusses about decision making and human behaviors, i was thinking that i would get some insights on how people are in general and what forces us to make certain decisions than others. I never thought that it could affect me so deeply and give a breakthrough.

For past few days, i tend to profile my thoughts and profile the way i perceive others' action and my interactions with them. Note here, that i m not profiling or judging others but my own perceptions on others and my interactions with others. Though not consistently, i change my perceptions but the good news is that i m at least willing to change my perceptions after analysis/thinking.

In some cases, knowingly i was able to recover from my usual half-baked thinking/reactions and soon i think should be understanding those hidden forces. I stop building up perceptions (my own perceptions) and i think the next step would be not to mix the perceptions when making decisions (a difficult job, though it is worth trying).

I m glad that i m able to profile my perceptions on others and i think it will help me to build my relationships with others - may it be friends, relatives or friends @ work.

By the way, don't ask me what is perception profiling. I don't know yet what it is. I tried to draw parallels from software (you know, i m a software guy ;-)). We profile applications when it is slow/consumes more memory. I joined perceptions and profiling together to make it perception profiling. Disclaimer: I haven't searched for a possible prior art :-))

[if you think Dan has hired me to sell his book, you perception is wrong and if you are not thinking like that, my perception is wrong :-). I was awestruck with his experiments and trying to understand why we are totally irrational and what can we do about it when we come to know that we are irrational. Here is the book]

About Image:
I first saw the image (young lady/old lady image) in the book "An introduction to general system thinking" by Gerald Weinberg.