30 April 2012

Unstuck and Get a Life - April 2012

Started this month will a mileage of 6K and completed April with a mileage of 15K. I gradually increased the distance/time everyday by few hundred meters (and few minutes). I feel that i m much fitter and my legs are little stronger than March. I no longer feel that mild soreness. The overall mileage of April 2012 stands at 174K (yeah, it is one hundred and seventy four kilometers only). Here is my chart.

The key thing about running is that i got a time slot to think about myself and set my priorities.

Side effects:
During this month, i would have burnt down (108 (weight in kg)*174 (distance in kms)*1.036(a constant to be multipled) = 19468.512 calories) and this should have helped me to reduce 2.5kg of my mass if my intake is 2400 calories per day. I need to burn 2 lakh calories to reach ideal body mass (which would take at least a year if i m pretty consistent in my efforts). The key here is an healthy diet + not more than 2400 Kcal per day.

Starting Mileage: 6K
Ending Mileage: 15K
Total Mileage: 174K
Total Running days: 19
Total rest days: 12
Cross Training: none

Good things

  • Enough rest days
  • Not too much carried away. Take every day as it comes. When you take unplanned off from running, i don't feel guilty.
  • Take enough rest before increasing the mileage (if it is more than a kilometer)

Next Target

  • Half Marathon {Run a half marathon in 2-3 months from now.}
  • Cross training (swimming?)

Once again, thank you folks for supporting me. Your pouring comments here and in Facebook are really cool and motivates me to keep running.

As i said in March, i m looking forward to complete May with much better stats & health.

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