07 April 2012

Running Log - 7/Apr/2012

Yesterday was a rest day (and also had some work @ office. had to stay till 8pm & attend a late night call). Good that all those fell on the rest day.

Today, i jogged 8K. While leaving home, i said i would go 10K today but my father asked me to stop at 8K (asked me to increase gradually). Took, few more minutes than my previous run (5-Apr-2012) but finished with little energy left.

  • 0.5 km - Warm-up
  • 6.5 km - 5/1 runs @ 54 mins
  • 1.5 km - cool down

Started to keep myself hydrated well. In today's run, i felt that my endurance to run 8K has increased and  today i didnt feel the uneasiness.

I closed this week with overall mileage of 29km.

So, fell like it is good going and great self-training :-)

Tomorrow, have to buy a Asics (seems like available in the city at Reliance Footprint). Reebok doesn't seem to go that well with my foot.

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