05 April 2012

Running Log - 5/Apr/2012

Today is a wow. Stepped inside the shoes and jogged 8KM. Here is the log

  • 0.5 km warm-up walk
  • 6.5 km (5/1, around 10 sets of 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking)
  • 1 km cool down walk
  • It was bit difficult to run 5/1s throughout. Had to slow down in my jogging in couple of runs. As usual, finished strong. Some energy was left to job another kilometer. (run-walk-run does the magic)
  • After 53 minutes of 5/1s, i feel that my endurance has go up a little.
  • It is high time to do some leg toning in coming weeks (climb stairs, do some sit-ups)
  • Complete this week with a 6K (tomorrow) and 8K (saturday or sunday)
  • Be ready to run 9K by end of next week
  • Get a good pair of shoes (asics or new balance, have to check out in sports shop during weekends)
  • Keeping my fingers crossed to touch 10K by end of April' 12
  • Have to find some cool jogging routes near my home.
So far, have clocked 21 kms this week.

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