21 April 2012

Running Log - 20/Apr/2012

Today (21-Apr-2012) is yet another rest and after increasing my weekly mileage.

Yesterday, i added two more kilometers to my mileage. Since i follow 10%, i run an additional 1km run and added a kilometer for my cool down. I m kind of reached 12K mark. Here are the details

  • 0.5 km - warm-up walk
  • 9km - run (couple of 10/1s and 5/1s)
  • 2.5 km - cool down walk

After initial hurdle of 10 mins, i was able to run comfortably up to 40 mins.
After about an hour of run, i was again able to run comfortably (i ran couple of 10/1s after about an hour)
Running in uphill (not steep one) is little difficult (but i m getting better)
Walking speed has noticeably increased at least by 1kmph.

Next Milestone:
Hoping to reach my next milestone of 15K in three weeks from now (12-May-2012).
Be serious on stretching before/after the run 

Important Thing:
Apart from very mild soreness (which goes off after the rest day), i don't have any joint pains and running doesn't interfere in my daily life. I m talking this as my body's signal to add more mileage.
Running + drinking lots of water is doing wonders in my sleeping patterns.

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