15 January 2012

Just absorb it to overcome it

Wishing you very happy Pongal & Sankaranti.

For the past two days, i had a terrible encounter with fever. I think, it was lesser than 100 degree Fahrenheit till last afternoon and it shot up to 102 midnight. I just wanted to try not to see a doctor and get the medicines. I just had a Crocin and decided not to consume it again. Not this time. I had lot of disturbances in my sleep and woke up every 3 hours and it seemed like i enjoy the fever. As i m writing this, i feel that my fever has receded without any medicines (except one Crocin). I just had few servings of Samahan (an ayurvedic preparation). I think, i m in a better shape today and most importantly with a better immune system (which would heal my body for an ordinary fever).

What about building our emotional and psychological immune system? What could build a better immune system?  Failures and Mistakes. When we fail, i think, we fail in achieving expected results and we don't actually care about or recognize the good it causes. By our failures and mistakes, Aren't we building our immune systems? Aren't we going to get better and slated to do well to reach expected results the next time? Aren't we become less fragile? Aren't we become less fearful of the failures?

I think, my recent encounter with fever taught me a lesson - just absorb it and you will overcome it.

Disclaimer: I handled my fever in a weird way and i don't recommend you to try it out. It is my perception that i got better by not taking medicines for an ordinary fever. If it had been a much complicated disease or my fever got into advanced state, i would generally consult the physician and consume the medicines that she would prescribe.

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