21 January 2012

Be careful about social media

Many of us use social media especially facebook, twitter and linkedin in our everyday's life.

We spend too much time in reading updates of our friends (liking them, disliking them and commenting them) and this takes away equal amount of time from the other aspects of our life. If offices came up strict rules on facebook and ask their employees to reduce facebook usage, we try to get a tablet or cell phone and provide status updates even from loo. Normal usage is fine, but what is normal usage? Every individual should have a limit on how many hours they spend online and limit it to what they feel it normal. I think, we can recognize it by just profiling our profile and the duration we spend online in social media.

But what we cannot recognize is long term mental hazards. There was an article published that states that the brain of internet addict looks very similar to that of a drug addict. May be we are not addicted to internet, but i feel that many of us provide  status updates and we should try to filter out the ones that cannot be shared. Either someone dashed you in the road and if you are slightly limping or you had a small encounter with your boss at office, your facebook status shows it all. Facebook sometimes becomes so sarcastic.

I feel that it is very dangerous to share everything as you will be chewing the anger little longer time and one becomes little more reactive. Within few years, there is a possibility of one becoming hyper-reactive.

Googled and found this article. It is always good to get different point of view - http://thurs.hubpages.com/hub/Negative-Effects-of-Facebook-Addiction

Another video from TED

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