29 December 2011

Predictably Irrational Again - Video

Again, it is predictably irrational. But this time it is video. Watch the following video of Dan Ariely speaking about predictably irrational.

I think, from the whole of this talk, i tend to like the portion he talks about cheating.

Even though we have thousands of mirrors in us (and conscience), we still cheat (for example, how we cheat insurance companies. I think, the insurance companies know this and again they cheat us the following years). We don't bother whether it home, street or work, we are going to fudge to an extent that will make us still have a great self image.

If you have the book, the above video could be a companion and makes the reading/understanding a lot easier. While watching this video, i could recollect whatever i read and i m going to read the book again for the insights.

This is one of the books that i thoroughly enjoyed.