07 March 2011

Why Contemporary Leadership?

In the ancient times, when locomotive motor was not invented, people who could afford, traveled using bullock carts and the people who weren't able to afford a pair of horses and cart traveled by legs. After the invention of motor and after having undergone industrial revolution, people travel by cars or public transportation. The means of transport has changed but the travel hasn't (moving from one point to another point).

Today, many of the organizations are finding ways for transportation of their organizations from point a (current state) to point b (the transformation state) and they are ready to do anything that ought to be done. They are not ready to travel using bullock carts. I think criticisms and cranky jokes of obsessed Gen Xs on Gen Y are fading away and by now people who will be getting old in near future have to anyway deal with Gen Ys by their sheer numbers. If they continue to criticize, i think it is not going to help the organization at large. Any organization needs contemporary ways of brining in more effectiveness.

These days, the people who join workplace (predominantly often called as Gen Ys) are value conscious and by their virtue of exposure, they tend to make decisions based on how things affect them. We can't question and debate on their way of thinking because this thinking is not unique to Gen Ys. It is part of human evolution. The evolution says, the size of human brain shrinks but its processing power increase every day and the way a 22 year old youth thought 20 years back and the way in which modern day youth thinks varies (greatly?).

While we talk about culture, workplace ethics, work ethics or professionalism, we got to understand that those are things that were once practiced and if we get too much carried away (or adamant) with yesteryears, it will be living in the past or reliving the past and who knows we may fail utterly when we relive. Our thoughts, approach and the way we achieve the vision has to be contemporary. This has to be freshness.

While leading, we ought to be contemporary and forward looking taking good things of the past which just gives enough direction and propulsion needed for the escape velocity and to puts us into the orbit. 

Freshness, productive, creativity and innovation applies even for leadership.