31 January 2011

Can't Find a Better Leader, Be one

Often we complain that we are not able to find a perfect leader. The word perfect is the word that denotes excellence and such a leader cannot be found. Even found, the perfect leader never accepts that she is perfect as the excellence is not a destination. Let us come to the complain part. We generally tend to have a lower expectations and want the benchmarks to be lowered, tweaked until we get in. Once we get on board, we generally argue in favor of excellence and raise the bars. We clearly eliminate our roadblocks in the name of eliminating inefficiencies [that creates double standards]. Pretty weak way of looking either life or work.

How many times we thought that we have to be a better leader? We stop our thinking just with wanting to have a perfect leader. If you can't find a perfect leader, it doesn't mean that it can't be made, it just means that nobody has guts or conviction to be a perfect leader. Because, trying to be a perfect leaders hurts a lot and pains a lot as we need to work a lot and sacrifice a lot. The building cannot be raised without foundations and the leadership cannot be built without sacrifices. Sacrifice and see what happens. That is why people say, "the leadership starts with self".

If you haven't found any perfect leader in front you, go ahead and try to make yourself a perfect leader. The leadership is nothing to do with power/positions/designations and it is more to do with your virtue of thinking & action.

If Mahatma Gandhiji said, "Be the change you want to see", there has to be some reasons. :-)