21 January 2011

Paradigm Shifts - Function of Potential, Action and Time

Who is responsible for transforming an organization? Is it God, the organization itself, the CEO, the strategy that is penned by business leaders or who else? I don't think neither the God nor the CEO can bring about the change. The God or the CEO can only give you direction and can minimize intrusion. 

Before reading further, i would like you to watch the following video by Prof. C K Prahalad on leadership and my frequently viewed video.

What will you think when you see an egg? Will you think that there is a potential hen which again has the potential of creating billions of hens? Or will you just think about having the breakfast? Assume that a fresher stands before you. What will you think? Will you ever think that he is a potential CEO of your company and create so many transformation? Will you think that the guy who stands before you is manifestation of many paradigm shifts?

Paradigm shift is gradual, it takes time. It is zillions of consistent tiny improvements. All such tiny improvements make a transformation. Transformation is a function (product) of potential, action and time. When any of these is zero, the total transformation will be zero. There won't be any paradigm shifts without potential or action and there is no instant transformation (without time factor).

The guys who undergo transformation should keep an eye/heart on "potential and action" part of transformation and the guys who facilitate the transformation should keep an eye/heart on the "time" factor.